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Come Out Of Your Shell So You Can Sell

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Description: Asking for Money SUCKS! Sometimes it feels that way doesn?t it?

You have invested tons of time and energy in creating your business.

You have laid out your soul to your community.

You have devoted countless hours and days and weeks and months to building your brand, getting things to look great, preparing and preparing and preparing for getting your big beautiful bodacious message & service out to the world?

BUT?.in order for you to really make a difference

Really make a business that is sustainable

Really get your message out to the world regularly and powerfully

Really make the impact you know you are here to make

You have to SUCK IT UP and ACTUALLY ASK people for money!!

How can you share your own wealth of wisdom and become wealthy in the process?

It all starts with the Inner Game of Sizzling Sales and really feeling EMPOWERED asking for money. Whatever your business if you aren?t asking for money you aren?t IN business ? what you have is a really expensive hobby!

Are you asking yourself: ?What can I do to get more revenue going in my business? ?

Have you been lying awake at night thinking: ?I need more sales - why can?t I enroll more clients??

Or are you one of the highly sensitive people who is constantly saying: ?I don?t want to be salesy!?

Maybe you?ve even been wondering: ?Am I really meant to be doing this for a living??

Guess what?.. It?s probably time for you to Come Out Of Your Shell So You Can Sell




JUNE 19, 2019 at 1:30 PM EASTERN TIME

Enjoy this powerful and transformative talk where I will share :

? The Challenge of the OVER GIVER ? Are you one of those messengers, coaches, mentors, healers, teachers, authors, speakers or trainers who just gives, gives, gives & you never seem to have a fair return for all that you have put out into the world or into your business?

? The Challenge of being ATTRACTIVE, VISIBLE & PURSUED ? Are you secretly sabotaging yourself by hiding your light & spending all your time working ON your business, so you?re never really IN business?

? The Challenge of MASTERING POWER ? Are you intimidated & overwhelmed by the idea of serving hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, so you keep staying small & holding back from really stepping into your purpose & mission?

? The 5 Simple Steps to Feel Safe & Powerful Asking For Money so you can enroll with ease and make selling a breeze!

? And, the SECRET Reason why most creative entrepreneurs & change agents have such a hard time enrolling clients & making money ? it?s not what you think!

URL: https://www.emeraldpgreenforest.com/come-out-of-your-shell-so-you-can-sell-teleseminar
Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2019
Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm UTC
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Access: Public
Created by: Public Access
Updated: Wednesday, June 12, 2019 2:11am UTC
Cost ($): no charge - valued at $197
Call In Number: (515) 604-9765
Contact Email: concierge@emeraldgreenforest.com
Contact Person: Emerald GreenForest
Contact Phone: 6035579633
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