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CPT? Updates For 2019

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Description: Key Points:

Evaluation and Management Services
Surgery Guidelines
Integumentary Surgery
Musculoskeletal Surgery
Cardiovascular Surgery
Medicine Procedures


The annual update to CPT? for those who bill and code professional services for providers need to understand the changes and applying them to the services and procedures performed in reimbursement. It becomes unclear to review the changes and how the changed code should be applied in comparison to the previous version of CPT. The AMA copywrites the CPT? coding manual also offers a conference annually to explain how to apply the changes. The webinar will give the insight on the proper application of the changes for 2019. This will avoid the risk of applying coding changes incorrectly which can result in audits and recoupments of previously paid claims.

Why Should You Attend:

The objectives for this webinar are to understand the 327 changes to the CPT? manual for 2019 that includes 211 new codes, 49 revisions, and 67 deletions, as well as learning how to use these codes correctly for clean claims to insurance carriers for timely reimbursement.
This will include information from the AMA?s recent coding conference that explains the changes as well as the rationale?s of the changes and practical application. You want to always make sure the appropriate codes are applied for the procedures and services performed. This allows compliance and maximum payment for what was performed.

Who Can Attend:

Coders, billers, physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, auditors, collectors, surgery schedulers, medical assistants.

URL: https://www.symposiumgo.com/webinar/cpt-updates-for-2019?utm_source=seowp
Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm UTC
Duration: 1 hour
Access: Public
Category: Health*
Created by: Public Access
Updated: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 12:15pm UTC
Cost ($): 213
Call In Number: +1-800-524-1032
Contact Email: cs@symposiumgo.com
Contact Person: Ben Park
Contact Phone: +1-800-524-1032
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