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Interdisciplinary Care Rounds: A Key Strategy For Improving Case Management Outc

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Description: Key Points:

Joint Commission Safety Standard 2
Vertical versus horizontal communication
Crucial conversations
Patient care conferences
Internal patient transfers
Walking rounds
Walking versus bedside rounds
Key members of the rounding team
Key structural points
Daily goals
Engaging patients and families
Case manager rounds
Talking points
Walking rounds check list


This webinar will identify the key stakeholders needed for effective interdisciplinary rounds. It will review the best practice rounding processes including scripting and time management. Following this we will discuss how to hardwire your rounding process so that it remains timely and efficient. The roles of each team member will be included as well as how to involve the patient and family in the bedside rounding process. Also important is the documentation of rounds either during or after they occur, so suggestions for effective documentation as well as a template for documentation will be included. Finally, strategies for how to evaluate your rounding process through outcomes metrics will round out this jam-packed program.

Why Attend:

Many hospitals either have no rounding process or have a dysfunctional process. Sometimes rounds can take hours as they are combined with medical teaching rounds or change of shift report. Therefore it is important that organizations understand the best practices in interdisciplinary care rounds, particularly walking rounds. This program will focus on the roles of each team member in the rounding process. Included will be the physician, the resident or hospitalist, the staff nurse, the case manager, the clinical pharmacist and the documentation improvement specialist. Other communication strategies to be covered will include patient care conference, huddles, and internal transfers. Also included will be strategies for planning for rounds and how to script the team members to optimize the time spent discussing each patient. Key structural points for you to include while developing your own rounding process will also be included.

Session Highlights:

Discuss the types of rounds conducted by various disciplines on the care team.
Describe the best practice rounding process.
Understand the strategies needed for implementing rounds.
Review talking points for each discipline attending rounds.
Review the potential outcomes to be achieved by an effective rounding process.
Review strategies for including the patient and family in the rounding process.

Who Should Attend:

Director of Case Management
Case Managers
Social Workers
Vice President of Case Management
Director of Quality
Nursing Director
Nursing Vice President
Physician Advisor

URL: https://www.symposiumgo.com/webinar/interdisciplinary-care-rounds-a-key-strategy-for-improving-case-
Date: Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm UTC
Duration: 1 hour
Access: Public
Category: Health*
Created by: Public Access
Updated: Wednesday, December 5, 2018 12:13pm UTC
Cost ($): 213
Call In Number: +1-800-524-1032
Contact Email: cs@symposiumgo.com
Contact Person: Ben Park
Contact Phone: +1-800-254-1032
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